About Us

Plan2nite (P2N) is a product of Deseos Invest Inc. and we are proud to develop, introduce and host these social platforms to promote a system for better private connections between humans and private organisations worldwide to allow a more joyful, exciting and entertaining experience in your daily life.

Safety and reliability drives us to design this platform. For that reason we want every user and organiser to register in appropiate  way and we re-confirm and verify each individual. By this, each organiser knows exactly, who is coming to which event and each guest knows exactly at whom he will be the guest.

One of P2Ns guiding principles is that each private and non-commercial venue (no entry fee, no charges) will also be free of charge for organiser and guests on our app. You can plan your events as often as you like, should you promote more than one event at the same time some charges may apply.
Commercial organisers and organisations or bodies with a regular program can enjoy our program at an annual flat rate in order to promote as many events as they like at the same time.

Plan2nite clearly wants to distinguish from other social dating platforms, as we explicitly do not support pure contacts with the purpose of Private engagement or dating platforms.

Most countries have an steadily increasing rate of single households, from bachelors to widows.
This creates huge demand in organising and living your life not as a single individual, more to share your interest and passion with others and to enjoy and share your adventure and experience with others having the same interest.

Plan2nite offers a platform, where you can organise private meetings e.g. joint cooking, travelling, private gaming evening,  private book readings, travel reports and presentations and whatever you can imagine further.

There should be no limits.